Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gigantic "Red Apple" signals good views and good food in Newville

By Geoffrey@I90news

Famous Red Apple Tower in Newville, WI

NEWVILLE - At the picturesque convergence of I-90 and Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin, there is a gigantic bitten r
ed apple towering in the sky. Immediately your eyes trigger your mind's extra sensory food awareness. Quite the point in the 1970's because this was the site of a popular restaurant called the Red Apple. 

Here in 2017, it's a local monument to those who can remember the homemade cooking, fresh apple pie, and hot coffee. Some met there to hash out a business deal. Some planned the stop as a regular resting point while traveling along the corridor. Then there were the locals who went there after church or just because they were hungry.

Original Shell Station Newville, WI

The Shell gas station, whose original building is pictured above, serviced the area at this location for several decades. The original site of the restaurant was repurposed to create another great restaurant that we know and love today: The World's Largest Culver's. 

The relaxing view at the mouth of the Rock River and Lake Koshkonong is reminiscent of life somewhere in Florida. Lakes, rivers, quality dining and nice people, Newville is a very pleasing and interesting stop along the corridor for sure. Other excellent food and entertainment spots include: the Anchor Inn, which has an impressive venue for parties and weddings, Emigail's Roadhouse, THE place for cajun cooking, Rosati's Pizza Sports Pub, and Blue Gilly's for breakfast.  The area is certainly more active during the summer months, but there is still a lot of ice fishing, and winter motor sports centered around the impressive Lake Koshkonong.

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