Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's 3-D! Gigantic "Red Apple" signals good views and good food in Newville

By Geoffrey@I90news

Famous Red Apple Tower in Newville, WI

NEWVILLE - At the picturesque convergence of I-90 and Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin, there is a gigantic "3-D" 
Red Apple with a juicy bite taken out of it towering in the sky. It can clearly be seen on the northeast corner of the I-90 bridge/Newville. Immediately your mind triggers its extra sensory food awareness. Quite the point in the 1970's because this was the site of a popular restaurant called the Red Apple. 

Here in 2017, it's a local monument to those who can remember the homemade cooking, fresh apple pie, and hot coffee. Some met there to hash out a business deal. Some planned the stop as a regular resting point while traveling along the corridor. Then there were the locals who went there after church or just because they were hungry.

Original Shell Station Newville, WI

The Shell gas station, whose original building is pictured above, serviced the area at this location for several decades. The original site of the restaurant was repurposed to create another great restaurant that we know and love today: The World's Largest Culver's. 

The relaxing view at the mouth of the Rock River and Lake Koshkonong is reminiscent of life somewhere in Florida. Lakes, rivers, quality dining and nice people, Newville is a very pleasing and interesting stop along the corridor for sure. Other excellent food and entertainment spots include: the Anchor Inn, which has an impressive venue for parties and weddings, Emigail's Roadhouse, THE place for cajun cooking, Rosati's Pizza Sports Pub, and Blue Gilly's for breakfast.  The area is certainly more active during the summer months, but there is still a lot of ice fishing, and winter motor sports centered around the impressive Lake Koshkonong.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Burger Buns by Beloit - A burger bun recipe by a guy from Beloit, now making burger buns by Beloit

Burger Buns by Beloit

Post By: Anonymous Ninety, Contributor

As a native to Beloit and the I-90 corridor, 
I know burgers are everywhere
But really great burger buns?
Not so fast
Feel free to try this recipe
It’s simple, cheap and they go best with large patties or chicken
They were a lifesaver... 
when I felt like a giant hamburger or buffalo chicken sandwich
They are dense enough to stand up to sauces, 
but don't feel like you're eating all bread

Combine: 3 1/2 cups good flour
1 envelope instant yeast
3 tablespoons soft butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon salt

Then add 1 egg to a 1 cup, fill rest w/warm water, then slowly add liquid 
dough should pull away from the sides of the bowl--its a art
Stand mixer ingredients for 8 minutes-ish w/hook or until you can make a doughwindow
Allow dough to rest 45 minutes in a warm place and double in size
Form 6-12 equal pieces into discs, set close together in olive oil coated pan
Rub with olive oil and coat with shredded cheeses or salts of your choice
Rise 1 hour or until tripled in size, leaves a finger mark
Bake 350 for 15-20 minutes, or till golden

Store in a sealed container

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum 2017, just take beautiful Hwy. 61 North from I-90 at Dakota, MN

DAKOTA, MN - The I-90 corridor offers so much, but coupled with a lovely Hwy 61 drive off I-90 at Dakota, MN, the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum is an all-American stop.

In order to get to Lake Pepin and the museum, you'll have to cross the river at Wabasha, MN, but you will be hard-pressed to see a prettier backdrop! To reach the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, which is situated in quaint Lake Pepin, WI, we suggest an exit onto Hwy 61 northbound along the great Mississippi. You'll travel through part of the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest, and take in the beautiful landscape along the shores of the great Mississippi. According to Travel Wisconsin, the museum is "the stop for Laura buffs. Offers displays, memorabilia, antiques and souvenirs about Laura and the pioneer era." The dates and hours of operation are May 15 through October 15, daily 10 to 5.

Janesville's new suburban I-90 skyline has emerged

JANESVILLE - With a new snazzy addition to the suburban skyline along the great Janesville curve on the I-90 corridor, the southview business-scape frames the rainy spring sky! Most noticeably, the Harms Kia property has undergone a huge expansion and is now the location of Janesville Kia which is owned and operated by Home Run Auto Group.

Janesville Kia suburban skyline

"Just think, it all started with the movement of the Big Cow in 2008," said Robert Bernard, 68 and lifelong resident of Janesville. "It's been a solid decade and there is A LOT to show for it!" Robert is a senior employee of nearby Lemans Corp. 

Over the past 3 years several franchised services took to the hub for primo placement. Toppers, Sprint, Potbelly, Popeye's, Five Guys, Festival Foods, Mattress Firm, Qdoba, Firehouse Subs, AT&T, Willowick assisted living community, and Harbor Freight Tool in the endcap (former Taj Mahal site) of the Shopko Plaza. This area of Janesville has exploded with growth.

The entire Milton Avenue/I-90 interchange makeover is basically complete. Now, we are just waiting on some sort of road-widening, ribbon-cutting ceremony...when they open the coming third lane on I-90. Okay, the ribbon might be a bad idea..., but it will be slick when they are finished. As a courtesy, it is worth mentioning that there are several prime commercial spaces still open for development. 

Contact: http://www.ci.janesville.wi.us/ or  http://www.mcguiremears.com/ or http://www.davemansur.com/ for information on starting a business or developing property in this absolutely convenient hub along the I-90 corridor in Janesville, WI.

An exciting new venture into the main vane of the United States, Interstate 90

I-90 is the longest interstate highway in the United States. From Seattle to Boston, just think about all of the people who travel on or live along that shared path or vane, everyday.

My name is Geoffrey. I live on the I-90 corridor across the center of the U.S. heartland in Janesville, WI. As stories begin to come out on i90news.com, my commitment to you the visitor is a deep yearning for accuracy. Accuracy in capturing intent, accuracy in understanding someone else's perspective, and accuracy in capturing context in any situation, these principles are the guidestones of journalism. That is what I commit to as I start this blog. I have a sense of humor and I like to play on words. It's all in good spirit.

Here comes atypical local news and interesting stories about lives and organizations along the I-90 corridor. We Begin in Janesville, WI., home of current Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan; the place where John F. Kennedy unwinded; and the address of the house in which Abraham Lincoln spent the weekend! Stay Tuned.

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