Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Janesville's new suburban I-90 skyline has emerged

JANESVILLE - With a new snazzy addition to the suburban skyline along the great Janesville curve on the I-90 corridor, the southview business-scape frames the rainy spring sky! Most noticeably, the Harms Kia property has undergone a huge expansion and is now the location of Janesville Kia which is owned and operated by Home Run Auto Group.

Janesville Kia suburban skyline

"Just think, it all started with the movement of the Big Cow in 2008," said Robert Bernard, 68 and lifelong resident of Janesville. "It's been a solid decade and there is A LOT to show for it!" Robert is a senior employee of nearby Lemans Corp. 

Over the past 3 years several franchised services took to the hub for primo placement. Toppers, Sprint, Potbelly, Popeye's, Five Guys, Festival Foods, Mattress Firm, Qdoba, Firehouse Subs, AT&T, Willowick assisted living community, and Harbor Freight Tool in the endcap (former Taj Mahal site) of the Shopko Plaza. This area of Janesville has exploded with growth.

The entire Milton Avenue/I-90 interchange makeover is basically complete. Now, we are just waiting on some sort of road-widening, ribbon-cutting ceremony...when they open the coming third lane on I-90. Okay, the ribbon might be a bad idea..., but it will be slick when they are finished. As a courtesy, it is worth mentioning that there are several prime commercial spaces still open for development. 

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